Gábor Fodor

The summer of 1997, Kőszeg.
Mental Health Part; Intensive week.
Twenty students, who know only: they will be improvise.
Two masters: György Ádám Kiss and Kálmán Pálmai.
Affection, encouragement turning to each other.
One week, one month, one year gradually ten
"We remained so"

The playback charmed me. I felt the magic of the single unrepeatable moment. I begun to like this team this connection
this rely on each other.
According to my qualification I'm a teachera mental health expert a psychodramatic and bibliodramatic leader. I conduct all
sorts of training from team-building to self-knowledge. I love the music. I play guitar, I drum on the drum of shamans, I
love to record the moment i take photographs and videos

The improvisation is my life as a game master (Érintések) as an improvisator (Álomszínház) and as a trainer I like all party
of that and I work hard to do it well.

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