Hajnalka Nacsa

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, this is the title of Robert Fulghum's book andI profess the same. I've been working as a kindergarten educator for 15 years, so I know and love this age group very much.
I've worked in mental health, psychodrama and children-psychodrama since 1996.
The fort that I belive in the importance, the improving and healing role of the play was an important factor in my getting colser to improvisation.
Even after nine years, every performance throws me into a fever and I wait for the feelings and stories curiously.
As it, I were standing again and again in font of a gift. I am to hand over, but I can get to know what the packing is hiding only, after I have helped to open it.

Fascinatin, beautiful, sincere, unrepeatable... so it's for that!

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