István Korom

I have been with the improvisation from the very beginning, i.e. since 1996.
It gves me group and audience experience. It gives exprienced momentary feelings too, which grow into continuity and which will make solely good memories.
I have only good memories.
The theatre is present in my everyday life too. Alternativesensitivity to another people's life stories, development of performing abilities, increase of emotional stamina and so forth.
It'sa beautiful feeling to live to see and to use the narration and the acting of our feelings. It's the same with te others' emotions.
The improvisation theatre is also a great help. Offocially, I'm a mental health expert and a teacher. I'm lead groups and trainings for the yound and the old, in the fields of self-knowledge, self-development and communication as a self-employed person.
And I go on the path of shamans, I teach, help, drum and see.
Szeged, 23. May 2006.
With shaman greetings, István Korom
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