Csaba Tóth

I was goning to be an actor, I became a teacher. I started as a cantor teacher in an old school; everything in one class. Until, after all I became an actor.
I play with wyself and cheifly with the children. But wherever I would have stuck in any where, I would played in the football pitch, in the steel factory and in the land registry office.
There is only one place where I can't really play, at the National Theatre. I left because mediocrity isn't my world. At the path you should be either Latinovits or nobody.
I've been living among children in care for twenty-five years. On might as well say: I live with Them, for The mand from Them.
We to play a little theetre, tell tales and poems, do musical; we guess anything in order to play.

For sake of myself, ourselves and for others. So I have been in the Érintések for about ten years. This is the only theatre found for me.
It is a play all the extitement, plesure, pain and suffering of which is given by the feelings and stories coming from the mouth of other, but returning from my own life - ina single moment.

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