The 'playback' technology

The ancient stage technology of improvisationthe 'playback' means, they play back the stories, feelings and emotions which were told by the audience. The performances are based on the interaction between the audience and the players.
They are not cutsomary theatrical perfomances.There isn't a play written and directed in advance.
The audience is the writer and the director, the players are the sculptors, whogive a form to the feelings and personal stories that were brought by others, then played and given as a present back to the narrator by them. The performances - springing from the nature of iprovisation - are unrepetables.
The players aren't professional actors, they are teachers, kindergarten teachers and social workers specializes in mental health and psychodrama.
They do this rare and uniquie form of story-telling and story-playing for their own and for other people's pleasure because they belive that being touched can be healing.
They belive that the humour and the possibility ofreexplaining our stories can help more than any medicine. In our world narroving into a consumer society, the members of the Érintések Improvizációs Színpad try to smuggle human motions into the spectators life with their performance.

The company was founded in 1997 from the students of the group specializes in mental health at the further training in Szeged.


Károly Barabás , Csilla Gudricza, István Korom, Hajnalka Nacsa, Lajos Papp, József Pelle, Tibor Szécsi, Csaba Tóth

Stage director: Gábor Fodor

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